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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

blackberry info...

here are the explaination of prices on BBs set that i sell :

people keep asking me why this BB set cheaper than last time, why this BB expensive, why this & why that... ok, let me explain whys :

1. normally, i sell only used BB here
2. sometime the BB set come only phone so the price can get cheaper thus, owner ask me to let go at low price because no box, no charger, no accessories included.  however, if the BB come without charger, i will include one on the set.  no extra charges
3. some used BB selling pricey due to full package included such as still hv box, software, accessories etc.
4. a BB condition also becomes one of the factor owner put slightly highly price
5. basically, used BB doesn't hv any warranty left.  nevertheless, 1week warranty given for each set that i sold & free assistant if the BB got problem within warranty period
6. i don't sell fake/china/faulty set BBs by fact, parts of BB origin country made was in china, RIM in canada
7. i sell BBs set when supplier/friends ask me to sell it in my blog for urgent sale
8. so the price doesn't come from me
9. i do sell new BBs set too
10. selling accessories, BB service by an expert, repairing also, upgrading - will charge depends on what services only
11. SERIOUS BUYER are welcome

these all are the reason price is STATED for every BBs up for sale here.  pls email me if anything.  thanks in advance!  xoxo.

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