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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


hye folks!

need to inform for those whois invite me to join boxbe + sent msg(s) thru it, seek ur understanding & cooperative don't sent it by that means again to me.  since i don't subcribe it, so i've been con several time by back out buyer (...huhu, poor me..., perlu kah sya sebut email mrk????...) hence my replying email keep bounce. 

so, my dearie buyer just sent me email as per stated in my T&C or sms me saja.  can leave a msg osso to my shout box tapi bagi yg serious buyer.  for descreet inquiry just email me saja lah okai....thanks in advance!


 can fit up to sizeL

SUNFLOWER - vintage (SOLD)

 can fit up to sizeXL
 [SOLD to KAT mentor] 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


my first BB set aka vintage BB, huhu..
im not only vintage clothes lurvy keeper but also luvvvv to keep my old stuff..
one day i did a spring cleaning to my room and i found mcm-mcm benda dlm bilik i u knowww, spooky...
and salah satunya adalah this

i've been used tiz BB almost 3yrs ever...banyok berjaso neeeeh!
then i got other BB set from my kampeni, upgrade BB..heheh..
so stop using tiz vintage BB sdah...

just wanted to sell tis set murah saja.
condition still wallaaaaa!
no fussy buyer lah
utk buat spare phone or collective item ok juga..
box still, manual cd, charger, swivel holster, etc still available


Monday, June 14, 2010

vintage denim RIDE jacket (SOLD)

 stylo jacket with super good condition
 can fit up to sizeL

Friday, June 11, 2010

BLOSSOM - baju kurung asli (SOLD)

 measurement :
 S - approx. 42cm
 B - approx. 53cm
 A - approx. 22cm
 Length sleeve - approx. 56cm
 Lenght - approx. 95cm
 rubber waist
Hip - approx. 43cm
Length - approx. 98cm
 tikam leher
 fabric by linen

MAWAR - baju kurung asli pesak gantung (SOLD)

 measurement :
 S - approx. 40cm
 B - approx. 53cm 
 A - approx. 20cm
 Length sleeve - approx. 55cm 
 Lenght - approx. 97cm
 rubber waist  Hip - approx. 48cm
 Length - approx. 98cm
 tikam leher 
 baju kurung asli pesak gantung 
 fabric by english cotton
 RM 90 



VIETNAM embroidered cotton - baju kurung fesyen (SOLD)

 measurement :
 S - approx. 40cm
 B - approx. 50cm
 A - approx. 25cm
 Length sleeve - approx. 55cm
 Lenght - approx. 96cm
 rubber waist
 Hip -  approx. 45cm
 Length - approx. 97cm
 fabric by cotton wesco
 slightly like pesak gantung style


to all my lovely viewer,
need to inform that, for every inquiry i need all of u,
ur kind understanding feel free to contact me via email for quick respond. 
therefore i cant be able to online during ofc hour as i was away for some reason.  
i noticed dlm my shoutbox ramai tanya regarding available items that im missed. 
im seek for apology for my late respond. 
hence, i suggest pls contact me via email/mobile stated in my T&C list. 
nak kata me ni sgt bizi dgn kerja idak loh jugak tpi bizi dgn perkembangan global yg
tak tentu kebelakangan neeeh, heheh...
 so pleaseeeeeeee my dear viewer dont hesitate to contact me.  mau contact for blanja lunch, me okai saja...hahah ( kidding) tak! just wanted to say "HYE" pun ok juga lorrr.....

BTW, i will post some baju kurung for sale in the later stay tuned ya!! ;) 


Thursday, June 10, 2010

kurung moden - CHEMPAKA (SOLD)

 measurement :
 rubber waist
 hip - approx. 46cm
 Length - approx - 100cm
 S - approx. 38cm
 A - approx. 27cm
 B - approx. 50cm
 Sleeve length - approx. 56cm
 Length - approx. 100cm
 english sateen (abit heavy)
 crystal beads by swavaroski

kurung moden - TURQOISE SAFIRA (SOLD)

 measurement :
 S - approx. 40cm
 B - approx. 47cm
 A - approx. 23cm
 Sleeve length - approx. 58cm
 Length - approx. 97cm
 Rubber waist
Length - approx. 97cm
 Hip - approx. 59cm
 baju kurung moden
 fabric by indian silk (not saree)
 [SOLD to NM]

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

vintage EVER GREEN tunic dress (SOLD)

 measurement :
  S - approx. 34cm 
 B - approx. 45cm
 L - approx. 82cm

vintage KEMBOJA tunic dress (SOLD)

 measurement :
 S - approx. 38cm
 B - approx. 48cm
 L - approx. 84cm  

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