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Friday, June 11, 2010


to all my lovely viewer,
need to inform that, for every inquiry i need all of u,
ur kind understanding feel free to contact me via email for quick respond. 
therefore i cant be able to online during ofc hour as i was away for some reason.  
i noticed dlm my shoutbox ramai tanya regarding available items that im missed. 
im seek for apology for my late respond. 
hence, i suggest pls contact me via email/mobile stated in my T&C list. 
nak kata me ni sgt bizi dgn kerja idak loh jugak tpi bizi dgn perkembangan global yg
tak tentu kebelakangan neeeh, heheh...
 so pleaseeeeeeee my dear viewer dont hesitate to contact me.  mau contact for blanja lunch, me okai saja...hahah ( kidding) tak! just wanted to say "HYE" pun ok juga lorrr.....

BTW, i will post some baju kurung for sale in the later stay tuned ya!! ;) 


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