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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


my first BB set aka vintage BB, huhu..
im not only vintage clothes lurvy keeper but also luvvvv to keep my old stuff..
one day i did a spring cleaning to my room and i found mcm-mcm benda dlm bilik i u knowww, spooky...
and salah satunya adalah this

i've been used tiz BB almost 3yrs ever...banyok berjaso neeeeh!
then i got other BB set from my kampeni, upgrade BB..heheh..
so stop using tiz vintage BB sdah...

just wanted to sell tis set murah saja.
condition still wallaaaaa!
no fussy buyer lah
utk buat spare phone or collective item ok juga..
box still, manual cd, charger, swivel holster, etc still available


1 comment:

farysa said...

tetibe cm nk
any scratch?ape fnction yg ade dlm tu?

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